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The Premier Independent Manufacturer

We specialize in tire bladders, curing bladders, turn-up bladders, and a host of custom rubber products.

Polymer Industrial Products Company (PIPCO) manufactures elastomeric products for tire and other industrial applications. We have been in the rubber business since 1915, and manufacturing in Piney Flats, TN since 1985. Our managerial staff has accumulated OVER 300 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE in the industry.

How Can We Help You?

* Production of Bladders Using YOUR Molds
* The Industry's Lowest Minimum Order Quantities
* Turn-Around as Fast as 3-Days
* 100% Confidential Technical Assistance
* 30 Years of Logistics Expertise

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Phone (423) 538-5105


  • Polymer customer service have proven invaluable in handling difficult logistic issues quickly and efficiently.

    - Africa International Customer

  • Quality. Quality. Quality. This is what we get from Polymer.

    - South America International Customer

  • Polymer makes bladders from our mold and to our specifications. Their integrity and confidentiality have worked for us for the past eighteen years.

    - European International Customer

  • On time shipping and quick responses to issues are the key to our program with PIPCO. Our bladder technicians and purchasing personnel have developed a positive working relationship with PIPCO.

  • We purchase the low volume sizes from PIPCO, and as the size mix changes we rely on them to provide more product.

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