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Tire Building Bladders: Issues and Replacements

Tire Building Bladders: Issues and Replacements

PIPCO is the premier turn up bladder (also known as tire building bladder) manufacturer.  We are known for quality and the ability to adapt the construction of the turn up bladder so that it will meet the tire manufacturer’s specific requirements.  PIPCO has the experience in manufacturing turn up bladders for tires ranging from small aircraft tires to large earth-moving equipment tires.  PIPCO is familiar with most of today’s tire building machinery.  As with curing bladders PIPCO can help trouble shoot your issues with tire building bladders.

Common Tire Building Bladder Issues

Should you be experiencing issue with your tire building bladders, PIPCO’s technical team can help.  Some of the issues we can assist with are.

  • Splitting/Holes
  • Poor Ply Folds or Wrinkles
  • Early failures

Tire Building Bladder Replacement Information

Dependent on the style or type of bladder PIPCO may have a direct replacement.  Should your bladder be one that we currently do not make, PIPCO has the experience to develop a bladder specific to your requirements.  All our technical staff needs is the following to start the design process.

  • Unused Sample part or dimensional drawing of the turn up bladder
  • Type of building machine turn up bladder will be used on
  • Issues you are currently experiencing

There are other factors that PIPCO will inquire about once the above information is supplied.  That information can consist of the following.

  • What type of tire does this turn up bladder manufacture?
  • What is the inflated diameter of the turn up bladder?
  • How much air pressure is applied to the turn up bladder?
  • How is the turn up bladder rolled over?
  • How many tire plies are rolled over during each cycle?
  • How long are the tire plies being rolled over?
  • Annual usage of this turn up bladder
  • Is there more than one size of this turn up bladder in use at your plant?